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“Although feeling snug, the Xlace allowed my feet to move naturally without binding or restricting them.”

“I don’t have to keep tying my 4 year old daughter’s shoes all day long, anymore; she can simply slip her shoes on herself.”

“I have tried just about all other lacing systems available and I have to say Xlaces stand above
the rest.”

IRONMAN World Champion 2013 winner Frederik Van Lierde

(Wearing Xlaces!)

why are Xlaces superior?

  • Aid in reducing painful footwear binding and foot fatigue caused by lace migration and natural foot swelling.
  • Provide ergonomic lace expansion to relieve pressure from natural foot swelling and aids healthy blood circulation to your feet.
  • Provide your feet with all-day active fit, support and comfort; compression elasticity provides fast recovery of footwear support systems while enhancing all-day performance and comfort. Pull footwear on, Slip footwear off.
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Xlaces in action

At Xlaces we set out to create athletic shoelaces that was superior to cotton laces in every way. Over time runners who use cotton laces will experience increased foot pain and an increased risk of injury.

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Custom fit for your comfort

ACCUFIT Compression Laces™ feature enlarged (auto-blocking) knots that can be manually reduced in diameter size by stretching the lace apart where the reduction is needed, either for lacing or adjustment,

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How to Lace XLaces

Once installed and properly adjusted for a comfortable fit, you’ll never tie your shoe laces again!

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